instance method Enumerable#all

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Enumerable#all([iterator = Prototype.K[, context]]) → Boolean
  • iterator (Function) – An optional function to use to evaluate each element in the enumeration; the function should return the value to test. If this is not provided, the element itself is tested.
  • context (Object) – An optional object to use as this within calls to the iterator.

Determines whether all the elements are "truthy" (boolean-equivalent to true), either directly or through computation by the provided iterator. Stops on the first falsy element found (e.g., the first element that is boolean-equivalent to false, such as undefined, 0, or indeed false);

// -> true (empty arrays have no elements that could be falsy)
 $R(1, 5).all();
// -> true (all values in [1..5] are truthy)
 [0, 1, 2].all();
// -> false (with only one loop cycle: 0 is falsy)
 [9, 10, 15].all(function(n) { return n >= 10; });
// -> false (the iterator returns false on 9)

Aliased as: Enumerable#every