instance method Enumerable#grep

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Enumerable#grep(filter[, iterator = Prototype.K[, context]]) → Array
  • filter (RegExp | String | Object) – The filter to apply to elements. This can be a RegExp instance, a regular expression String, or any object with a match function.
  • iterator (Function) – An optional function to apply to selected elements before including them in the result.
  • context (Object) – An optional object to use as this within calls to the iterator.

Returns an array containing all of the elements for which the given filter returns true (or a truthy value). If an iterator is provided, it is used to produce the returned value for each selected element; this is done after the element has been selected by the filter.

If the given filter is a String, it is converted into a RegExp object. To select elements, each element is passed into the filter's match function, which should return a truthy value to select the element or a falsy value not to. Note that the RegExp match function will convert elements to Strings to perform matching.

// Get all strings containing a repeated letter
['hello', 'world', 'this', 'is', 'cool'].grep(/(.)\1/);
// -> ['hello', 'cool']
 // Get all numbers ending with 0 or 5 and subtract 1 from them
$R(1, 30).grep(/[05]$/, function(n) { return n - 1; });
// -> [4, 9, 14, 19, 24, 29]