instance method Enumerable#inject

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Enumerable#inject(accumulator, iterator[, context]) → accumulatedValue
  • accumulator (?) – The initial value to which the iterator adds.
  • iterator (Function) – An iterator function used to build the accumulated result.
  • context (Object) – An optional object to use as this within calls to the iterator.

Incrementally builds a result value based on the successive results of the iterator. This can be used for array construction, numerical sums/averages, etc.

The iterator function is called once for each element in the enumeration, receiving the current value of the accumulator as its first argument, the element as its second argument, and the element's index as its third. It returns the new value for the accumulator.

$R(1,10).inject(0, function(acc, n) { return acc + n; });
// -> 55 (sum of 1 to 10)
 ['a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'e'].inject([], function(string, value, index) {
  if (index % 2 === 0) { // even numbers
    string += value;
  return string;
// -> 'ace'